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Hollywood Terriers

Aug 30, 2018

Michael Gunn talks to Cody Brotter about being in Aaron Sorkin’s writer’s room fro “The Newsroom,” writing and pitching (and selling) feature-length screenplays, getting on The Black List, working in casting at HBO, and writing on “The Whispers,” “Black Sails,” and “Designated Survivor.”

Aug 27, 2018

Daria Polatin talks to Cody Brotter about going from acting to playwriting to TV writing to novel-writing, working on “Dexter,” writing for a show created by a “Breaking Bad” writer, writing and producing a Hulu show, getting the encouragement from the late Jon Lipsky, becoming a bestselling author, and...

Aug 23, 2018

Adam Finkelstein talks to Cody Brotter about the long journey from aspiring intern to full-time editor at Trailer Park and what it’s like to cut trailers for giant studio movies and television shows ranging from “Brave” to “Wonder Woman” to “Stranger Things” to “Mad Max: Fury Road”—the latter...

Aug 20, 2018

Corinne Marrinan talks to Cody Brotter about winning an Academy Award (at which she thanked the Academy for seating her next to George Clooney at the nominee’s luncheon), working at “CSI” for a full decade, the importance of diversity in writer’s rooms, and what it actually means to be called a “producer.”

Aug 16, 2018

Greg White talks to Cody Brotter about pitching and selling his own shows, finding his niche path in writing for animated half-hour comedies, being a part of the rebirth of “Animaniacs,” and how he manages his own managers in order to treat his TV writing career with the regularity of a blue collar job (advice Greg...